Wine Specialist

“Wine is like a journey, a continuous research where you never stop learning.”

About me

Born in Siena, Tuscany, vintage 1987. Among my many interests, I chose little by little to build my own path in the wine industry.

After high school, I enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture in Florence and in 2010, I decided to take part in a harvest at a winery, trying to understand if there was a real interest in what I was studying only through the books. I will never forget those sensations: the scents, colors and everything was in perfect harmony with the land. In those fields and vineyards, I found a deep connection and admiration, for the grape and the land that was beyond the wine itself. It was an indelible moment that left a deep mark on my conscience and I realized that the story would have gone ahead.

I graduated in 2013, in Agronomic Sciences, University of Florence and continued my training in the wine industry, obtaining WSET level 3 and certified FISAR sommelier in 2017.

In November 2019, I’ve been awarded as FISAR’s Italian best sommelier and later, in 2020 , I graduated in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of Florence.

What I do


Brand promotion for wine industry


Trade tasting & workshop


Masterclasses, Wine Educational


Wine Critic, Wine Judge


Enological and Agronomic consultancy specialized in biodynamic and organic practices


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